Masters Project or … Being my own Beta Test

So, I had this really great idea:  Develop a workshop for women who are at midlife (and/or menopause) to give them tools, tips, techniques, motivation, and support for building extraordinary lives — enabling them to live BIG and sparkle.  Great kind of “save the world” idea and I fell in love with it.  And then I realized, “Hey, wait a minute — I’m not really living BIG and sparkling yet.  How am I going to share what I’ve learned through my research if I haven’t put it all to the test first?”   Taking that thought, I put together a proposal for a Masters Project (it got approved –woohoo!) and I was going to capture my experiences and reflections longhand, but realized a blog would be even better.  1) Typing is WAY faster and easier than writing longhand.  2) Saves me a lot of time transposing from longhand to online for my workshop.  3) I can use my experiences, as captured in this blog, as experiential information for other women who want to try some of the exercises and activities I did.  It’s a win all the way around.

Last semester I did a lot of research about perimenopause, menopause, women and midlife, women and creativity, creativity and aging, creativity in general, creativity and self-actualization, etc., etc.  It was fun, but I got into a little bit of a research rathole; there’s a lot to learn and plenty of resources to learn from!  I was seeking key concepts that would allow me to connect to creativity and, in turn; increase my happiness, wellness, and opportunities to realize self-actualization — living my best and most optimized life.  I wanted to figure out how I could Live Big and Sparkle.  Out of all that research, three key concepts surfaced:  Mindfulness, Motion, and Curiosity.  For my Masters Project, I am exploring practices in each of these areas for six weeks and I’m going to share the results of those experiences here.  What worked?  What didn’t work?  What did I like?  What did I really hate?  And most importantly, how have the experiences impacted me.  Am I living big?  Am I sparkling?  Am I ready to be an example and lead others to big, sparkly lives??

Instead of only putting my ideas, experiences, and results in a Masters Project (that you will be able to read online via “Digital Commons”), I thought it would be kind of genius for me to capture everything in this blog.  When I’m ready to launch my LBAS workshops, I’ll already have this reference ready to share.  I might even consider this somewhat of a marketing tool!  🙂  My adventures and explorations into Mindfulness, Motion, and Curiosity will all be here and will include the good, the not so good, and (if necessary) the downright ugly.  Looking forward to sharing my discoveries and breakthroughs!




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